One card that works everywhere!
We offer you an international discount card.
Money back from every purchase!
In cooperation with the largest existing loyalty program - Cashback World, you can now use our card in over 380,000 shopping places, including more than 8,000 online stores in 47 countries.
By making purchases with the Cashback card, you can get up to 5% of your spent amount back into your bank account. In addition, you will accumulate Shopping points, which you can use with us or our partner companies to pay for special offers.
If you do not want to carry this card with you on a daily basis, it will always be available on your smartphone.
Simply give the seller a scannable bar code!
Where can you use the card in Latvia and the world?
Currently, our card can be used in more than 290 shopping places in Latvia. The number of places increases every day!
A full list of partner companies will be available upon registration. 
Some partner companies available to our card users in Latvia:
How does the card work?
Our card acts as a "Cashback" card. This means that when you make a purchase, you pay the full price, but after registering your purchase, you can get up to 5% of your spent amount back into your bank account. Purchases from all partners sum up. Once your Cashback card has accumulated at least 10.00 EUR, this will be transferred to your bank account. Transfers are made every Tuesday.
In addition, you also accumulate Shopping points. The value of one point is 5.00-10.00 EUR. The points also sum up and you can use them with any of our partners, who have created special offers. 
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