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Company with20years of experience
in window and door production


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About us

     We are already 20 years old! We are stable, legal and mature, with a very long experience in window and door production. Yes, we do it with pleasure and still under the same name, which we have not changed since 1997. Who do we ask for advice if we do not know something or want to find something out? Our parents or experienced industry professionals, of course, which we are honored to call ourselves. Our experience, accomplished work and many, many, many satisfied customers, who are still returning and will keep returning to us, are an indicator that gives us confidence that we are doing everything right and our goal - a satisfied customer - is being successfully reached.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Employees - we have stopped calling them employees for a very long time now, because most of them have been with us from the very start. And what do you call people that you've been together with for 20 years? - Yes, they are already family members.
    The aim? The mission? One could say that our goal is to make the world a better place and have everyone buying their windows from us. However, we definitely know that we like what we do, we like to see satisfied and happy customers, as well as receive calls from new customers with recommendations from our existing ones.

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  • Legal address:Juglas street 1A - 48, Riga
  • Reg. No.:40003365514
  • VAT reg. No.:LV40003365514
  • Bank:A/S „SEB banka”
  • Code:UNLALV2X
  • Account No.:LV62UNLA0050004771262
  • Office and Production:Katlapu street 7, Adazi, Riga region, LV-2164