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Our company perform the post-warranty repair works for windows and doors: 


  • Sealing replacement 
  • Glass panel replacement 
  • Fitting replacement 
  • Assembly of anti-burglary fittings
  • Preventive measures - window adjustment, lubrication of fittings




In order to maintain the ease of running and flawless functioning for Roto fittings, regularly (at least once a year) must be performed the lubricating of moving and locking details*. Anti-burglary counter-plates must be continuously lubricated, in order to avoid the preventive wear. Regularly must be checked the condition of each screw. Loosen screwrs must be tightened, damaged screws must be replaced.



* For the lubricating can use only such oils and lubricants, which do not contain acids or resin.


Safety technique

Do not place any objects between a sash and a window frame. If small children or persons with mental illness can access to the window, then the sash must be equipped with the lockable handle and opening blocker.
Do not leave the sash in the opened position during strong wind. Caution! You can get injured, when the sash shuts. Do not place your hands between sash and window frame during closing.


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