PVC logi -ražošanas un montāža

Attractive design.

Excellent thermal insulation.

Protection against noise.

PVC durvis - ražošana un montāža

Resistant against humidity.

Excellent thermal insulation.

Wide choice of colors.

PVC starpsienas, alumīnija starpsienas - ražošana un montāža

Delimitate rooms.

Good sound insulation.

Possibilities of interior variations.

Alumīnija logi - ražošana un montāža

Stability against temperature.

Long service time.

Easy care.

Alumīnija durvis - ražošana un montāža

Elegant design.

Suitable for intensive use.

Long service time.

Alumīnija fasādes - ražošana un montāža

Suitable for large constructions.

Stable and durable.

Elegant look.

Koka logi - ražošana un montāža

Attractive design.


Long service time.

PVC logi, pvc, durvis, alumīnija logi, alumīnija durvis, pvc starpsienas, alumīnija fasādes - ražošana un montāža

Window, door repair works.

Warranty service.

Post-warranty service.

PVC logi un durvis - ražošanas sertifikāti

Product quality.

Quality of work.

A serious approach to the process.



Kur labāk pasūtīt logus un durvis

1. Send us measurements of your windows and doors.

2. We will prepare an estimate.

3. If you are satisfied with the estimate, our master will go to you to take accurate measurements.

4. We will calculate the accurate price and start the production process.


There is no such thig as bad or good windows, it's important to understand what kind of windows will work best for your building and your budget.

Windows and doors are not interior items that you can change at any time, windows are an important part of a building's interior and exterior.

They must look good and create the desired mood in the interior, also they need to be practical, easy to maintain and energy efficient. Carefully study their suitability for your aesthetic and functional needs.

You will have to choose between one of the following 3 types of window and door materials:

  • Plastic or PVC windows and doors
  • Aluminium windows and doors
  • Wooden windows and doors

To understand what would be most suitable for your needs, let's look at each of these types of windows and doors.

PVC logi un pvc durvis privātmājai

Plastic windows

Alumīnija fasāde daudzdzīvokļu mājai

Aluminum facade

Koka logi

Wooden windows


Plastmasas logi un plastmasas durvis privātmājai

PVC windows have gained a big popularity due to their durability, heat and noise insulation properties, as well as low price. In addition, plastic windows do not require special care.

Everything is changing, window design and technical solutions are becoming more modern. The days are gone when PVC windows were associated with "cheap" white peace of plastic. Today, modern tones and wood imitations are available, which will fit completely into any interior.

The myth that PVC windows are harmful is no longer valid today. High-quality PVC profiles do not contain lead and are completely harmless to health. Of course, it is possible to get not quality profiles if you are shopping for the cheapest price. Therefore, before ordering PVC windows and doors, make sure of the quality of the product - ask the manufacturer for product certificates that will confirm the quality.

Plastic windows and doors can be adapted to any building, it is possible to choose different frame colors inside and outside, to create the desired window division and shape.

Advantages of PVC windows and doors:

  • Low price. Plastic windows and doors are significantly cheaper than wood or aluminum products.
  • ​Very good thermal insulation properties. High-quality windows prevent heat loss to a minimum.
  • Long service time.
  • Great variety of colors, including wood imitation.
  • ​Built-in ventilation systems that reduce humidity in the room and ensure fresh air circulation.
  • Easy care. Care is limited to a damp cloth from time to time.
  • Fast production process. The production of PVC windows and doors is relatively simple, so they can be produced faster than wood or aluminum products.
  • Color stability. Plastic windows and doors do not lose color over time.


Alumīja logi un alumīnija durvis

Aluminum windows and doors are suitable for large sizes, intensive use, recommended for public or industrial buildings.

Aluminum windows and doors are resistant to the external environment - the sun, frost, rain. They do not require special care, do not rust and have the longest service time.

Aluminum frames are very durable, constructions can be made in large sizes, which is important if the building has large glass facades.

It is possible to make fireproof windows and doors from aluminium.

Advantages of aluminum windows and doors:

  • Durability. The service time is practically unlimited.
  • Modern design. It is possible to make large constructions without divisions, designers love it.
  • It is possible to make fireproof windows and doors.
  • Suitable for large constructions.
  • Different colors are possible, including wood imitation.


Koka logi

The wood has a very wide range of textures and design options that can be matched to any interior. It is possible to make windows of different shapes, they can be rectangular, round, arched or any other shape.

Wood is a timeless, elegant material that gives coziness to the interior. Wooden windows and doors are the best choice for those who like special solutions or need to keep the historic appearance of the building.

Window frames are specially treated to make them resistant to the environment.

Wooden windows and doors will be more expensive than PVC products and regular maintenance is needed.

Advantages of wooden windows and doors:

  • Elegant look. Adds coziness to the interior.
  • Wide design and color variations.
  • Suitable for the historical buildings.
  • Suitable for large constructions.


Once you have decided which type of window and door will be best for you from the aesthetic and functional point of view and for your budget, the next step is to choose the most suitable window profile, glass panels, fittings and other essential details.

If you've never experienced a window change, you probably don't even know what the options are and what nuances to look out for.

Let's look at 10 key things that apply not only to design but also to safety.


Stikla paketes logiem

The glass panel is the largest element of the window, therefore the thermal insulation of the room depends on it to a very large extent.

2-glass or 3-glass panels are commonly used. If you choose a 3-glass panel, the windows will be warmer and more sound proof. Glass with tinted or sun-reflecting coating is also possible, which can be used if the windows are large and on the sunny side.


PVC loga profils

When choosing PVC windows, it is worth paying attention to what materials the profile is made of, if it does not contain harmful metals.

The most popular are 5-chamber profiles with excellent thermal insulation. 7-chamber profiles with additional medium seal are also available.


Redzamās eņģes un slēptās eņģes pvc logiem

An interesting novelty - hidden hinges, suitable for those who care about design. This window looks perfect and it is easier to clean it.

If colored windows are selected from the inside, there is no need to think about hinge linings and matching their color, because the hinges are not visible. The window can be opened at a maximum angle of 100°.


Pretuzlaušanas furnitūra pvc logiem

Windows with anti-burglary fittings are one of the best ways to protect yourself from uninvited guests, as they most often enter homes directly through the window.

Anti-burglary fittings are not expensive, but they are very effective. If someone tries to break the window out of the frame, the handle does not allow to push the fittings.

It is recommended to use these fittings for windows on the first floors or basement.


Bērnu drošības furnitūra plastikāta logiem

Windows and balcony doors equipped with child safety fittings can be left open in ventilation mode without worrying about child safety.

This opening system first tilts the window (handle horizontally) and only then opens. The handle with the cylinder lock eliminates the possibility of moving window to the opening position.

Handle can be turned upwards only using a key which must not go into the hands of children.

Children safety fittings are not expensive and your child will be protected!


Krāsu toņi PVC logiem

With the help of color, it is possible to implement the most unusual design projects and take into account the regional architecture. Windows and doors can be the same color on the outside and inside, or different.

Mahogany color has long been out of fashion. :) Manufacturers offer new and up-to-date color tones that make windows look elegant and "expensive".

More than 40 different color tones and imitations of wood are possible. When looking at PVC windows, it is practically impossible to distinguish the materials from the natural ones.


Signalizācija PVC logiem, alumīnija logiem

Security problem usually becomes actual only after the burlglary has already happened. Most often thieves enter the house through the window.

If an alarm system is installed on the window, it will react as soon as the window is opened. The signal can be sent to both the smartphone and the security company. The alarm system is built into the window and is not visible.


Ventilācijas sistēma plastmasas logiem

When choosing plastic windows, ventilation systems are worth consideration if the humidity level in the room is increased.

Ventilation system for PVC windows ensure continuous air exchange in the room, thus taking care of the microclimate in the house.

Vetilation system is easy to install for all types of PVC windows in just 5 minutes. You can install it even for windows already built into building without damaging the window profile.


Not only design but also functionality must be taken into account when choosing windowsills. For example, an internal windowsill that is too wide can interfere with the flow of warm air from the radiator. This can reduce the temperature of the window frame and glass panel, which can cause condensation to form on the window.

Iekšējā kokskaidu palodze plastmasas logiem

The particleboard window sills are the most popular choice. It is based on a waterproof chipboard with a thick laminated coating. Available in white and wood imitation colors.

Advantages of particleboard window sills:

  • Resistant to humidity and temperature changes.
  • Does not change its visual and mechanical properties under the influence of water, household chemicals and warm items (cigarettes, kettle, iron).
  • Resistant to sunlight and mechanical damage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gentle cleaners can be used to clean the windowsills.
PVC palodzes

When ordering plastic windows, you can choose a matching PVC window sill. Different colors as well as wood imitations are possible.

Advantages of PVC window sill:

  • Moisture resistant.
  • Plastic window sills are durable.
  • Easy to clean with household cleaners.
  • Safe against abrasion, sunlight.
Koka palodzes

Wooden window sills are an expensive and exclusive thing. They add coziness to the interior and are environmentally friendly. Available in a variety of colors.

Akmens palodzes

These are the most expensive window sills - beautiful and durable. Artificial stone window sills are almost indistinguishable from natural stone, so they are becoming more popular. Stone window sills are easy to maintain and very durable.

Ārējās palodzes

Exterior window sills are assembled from the outside on any window and are a necessary element for the protection of the building structure, preventing moisture from entering the lower horizontal plane of the window opening.

Available in a variety of colors. The outer window sill can be galvanized or PURAL coated.

In both cases, it will perform its function and will be:

  • Wear-resistant and durable.
  • Suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Resistant to mechanical impact.
  • Easy and quickly to clean.


Insektu sieti plastmasas logiem

The main function of mosquito nets is protection against flying insects that can enter the room during ventilation.

Mosquito nets is also an effective and economical way to protect the room from tree leaves and dust. It also will protect pets from falling out the window.

The mosquito net can be mounted on both windows and doors.


Kur labāk pasūtīt logus un durvis

There are many different window companies operating in the Latvian market. Some of them are Latvian manufacturers, some are intermediaries that sell windows manufactured elsewhere.

It is better to choose a manufacturer to see the production process by yourself. Choose a manufacturer who can provide warranties for your products.

It happens that intermediaries try to sell windows as cheaply as possible. Inexpensive and low-quality materials can be used in the production of such window profiles. Therefore, using intermediaries, it is necessary to find out very carefully where the window is manufactured, what materials are used in the production process and whether the manufacturer has production certificates.

If you have any doubts about the origin of windows, you can seek advice from the Latvian Association of Window and Door Manufacturers (LLDRA).

  • Is the company a manufacturer or an intermediary? Prices at the producer will be lower than at the intermediary company for the same quality products.
  • What is the company's experience in the industry, how many years has the company been operating, what is the experience of its employees? This affects the quality of both production and assembly.
  • Make sure that it is a reliable Latvian manufacturer that can provide warranty, post-warranty service, maintenance.
  • Does the company have the relevant production certificates?
  • Are there good reviews from customers? Are there any complaints?
  • What is the product warranty period?
  • Is delivery to your location possible?
  • Does the company offer window assembly? Wrong installation can damage a good window, so it is better to entrust this process to professionals who deal with it on a daily basis.



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